Here's something for you if you're tired of the same polish of the stainless steel. As far as we know, the color black can intensify the mood. So there's no question as to why The Dark Metal Chastity Device is going to change the way you look at BDSM and chastity after you've tried this on. Introduce this chastity device into your next playtime sessions with the Master or Mistress. Black is beautiful, and with this particular chastity device--black also means business.

Although black plated, The Dark Metal Chastity Device is still fabricated from a high-quality stainless steel material. We don't plan on comprising anything with this bad boy. The multi-ring open cage design allows consistent air flow so your cock stays well-ventilated. The design also exposes your cock to certain possible experiments from Master or Mistress. Better brace yourself for that. If you're tempted and aroused, serious consequences await you. Your fate lies in your own hands with this chastity device. Don't blame your partner for teasing you. You're their little slave after all. You won't even be able to beg for mercy to have you released so you can urinate. We've got that all figured out. A hole for urinating is fashioned so you can take a leak while still being locked up.

Speaking of being locked up, escape is impossible for your cock with The Dark Metal Chastity Device thanks to the included lock and key. Two spare keys are provided for emergencies. We recommend cleaning the cage regularly with mild soap and warm water after every use to keep it in great condition.


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