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If your submissive needs extra motivation to be obedient, give it to them with The Stinger E-Play Wand from Kink by Doc Johnson®!

This cattle prod-style e-stimulation wand conducts a safe but powerful current between the two prongs at the end of the contrasting red shaft. It produces a loud cracking noise and visible spark that's sure to convince your plaything to be good for you, even without leaving any visible marks after the fun is done! It applies a light shocking sensation that's perfect for training or teasing your sub with tickling, tingling, and moderate stinging. The Stinger's handle has a non-slip, non-conductive rubber grip that keeps you in control while you lovingly zap your partner into submission!

Key features of the Kink The Stinger E-Play Wand:

  • Provides electric stimulation in tickling, tingling & moderate stinging
  • Loud cracking sound & visible spark for extra intimidation
  • Non-conductive rubber grip to keep the wielder safe & in control
  • Leaves no visible marks after the fun is done
  • The current is safe but powerful, suiting beginners of experienced users alike


  • 38.1cm / 15" length
  • 3.8cm / 1.5" width


  • ABS plastic

Battery & Power Information:

  • Takes 2x AA batteries (included)
Kink The Stinger -Play Wand
6995 7495

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