1099 1999

If you like creams instead of the feel of traditional lubricants, you'll love Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant.

Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant is a silicone based sorbolene cream that has been developed for use with condoms. Its creamy texture will slowly disappear into the skin leaving a satin texture.

A long lasting lubricant, you need to use a little more than long lasting water based lubes, but once the initial amount has been absorbed by the skin the remaining lubricant lasts an extra long time!

Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant is suitable of oral, vaginal and anal play.


* Silicone based lubricant
* Thick creamy texture
* Long lasting lubricant
* Condom compatible
* Contains food medical grade silicone fluids


Wet Stuff Silicone Pump Lubricant (250g)
1099 1999

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